Noorwood Interiors provides interior design services, high quality furnishing products and turnkey interior fit-outs to cater to all your home decor needs.

Our growing range of product offerings include all types of flooring, carpets, fabric and furniture, sourced from carefully selected international suppliers and partners.

Interior Design

Noorwood Interiors’ vision was inspired by its founder’s passion for interior design and hence is an integral part of its services.

We and our global partners have delivered prominent projects in the Middle East and around the world. We coordinate with various international companies for design and supply of interiors, as well as soft furnishings for hotels, offices, villas and more.

Our aim is to create the most stunning living or working environment and each project is tailor-made to suit the individual needs of our clients. Because we believe that everyone should have a beautiful home and great design should be accessible to all, every project is a true collaboration of taste, lifestyle and budget.

Our highly qualified and reliable team ensures that every project is delivered with the utmost proficiency, from concept to construction, through to the final finishing touches. By interpreting our clients’ individual style and specific needs, our licensed designers incorporate functionality and current fashion trends with great ease, creating a bespoke personal space.


We offer a wide range of flooring solutions and options that largely include parquet, laminate flooring and PVC.


Whether you’re looking for fitted carpets or loose laid rugs, we supply it all in various sizes, shapes and colors. Say goodbye to unsightly joins as all our custom handmade carpets are produced as one piece, measured to exact room sizes and shapes.


The ever-expanding Noorwood Interiors has introduced a new segment to its portfolio and now offers fine upholstery, curtains and decorative textiles that have been carefully selected from different international suppliers for residential and commercial use.


Picking the right furniture is one of the most important aspects of home decor. Having travelled through the history of furniture and examined different cultures and traditions, we have painstakingly chosen the perfect furnishings and items that are truly expressive, so we can present them to our customers in all their splendor.

Interior Contracting

We also specialize in extensive turnkey interior fit-outs with the highest standards of workmanship. From wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling, we deliver fine raw material, fixed joinery and special luxury finishes to our clients, including doors and frames, wood and metal works, as well as paneling.

Wall Coverings

“Where thou art, that is home.” – Emily Dickinson


They say walls don’t build a home, we say it’s a good start! So, if your walls could talk, what would they say about you?

Wall coverings are a great way of transforming your surroundings and introducing your personal style into any room. Our wide range of wallpaper can change your living or working space, making it large and airy or warm and cozy. You can dramatically change the look and ambience of a room by choosing a particular color, pattern or texture.

Whether you like elegant opulence or modern minimalism, our vast array of collections offer refined products for every discerning taste and style, from luxurious classics to modern avant-garde designs.

Created by an Italian designer, Cristiana Masi, our wallpaper collections are unique yet affordable.

So, choose the ones that speak the most to you and let the walls do the talking!

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