What we do


We are focused on providing bespoke investment consulting services to a small number of private families in the Gulf. Our knowledge base from investment management allows us to look at investment opportunities differently to a traditional investment consultant, allowing us to analyze and consult strategically and tactically on a range of investment portfolios.

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NA fully-owned subsidiary of Noorwood Group, Noorwood Interiors is a one-stop-shop for exceptional wall coverings and interior decor furnishings.

Noorwood Interiors provides affordable inspiring designs and high- quality furnishing products available to all

Collaborating with carefully selected international suppliers, Noorwood is proud of its partners and the success of their joint efforts, which has enabled it to make its mark in the market. The company has been growing steadily, excelling and raising the standards in the industry with its impressive portfolio of royal palaces, private villas, offices, hotels, residences, embassies and government headquarters throughout the world.

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Noorwood Investments (NWI) is a unique family investment office managing a diverse portfolio of worldwide investments and trusts on behalf of the family.

Renowned for capitalizing on venture capital opportunities and private equity placement, the company’s principal but not exclusive areas of investment include technology, infrastructure, energy, real estate and hospitality.

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Through the Al Alawi family heritage, Noorwood Group has earned an excellent reputation for reliability and efficiency in the field of travel, whilst building strong associations with leading airlines, tour operators, car rentals and other similar auxiliaries.

The travel division which was Formally Known as Presrige Connection was established by Hussain Al Alawi while completing his studies in Boston. He started the company with a unique vision of creating an exclusive club that would provide today's exceedingly demanding clients the finest luxury services with attention to detail.

The club provides world-class privileges with superior benefits and savings to its members, offering the finest and most luxurious services so they can enjoy the ultimate comfort and a carefree lifestyle.

It boasts some of the world’s most elite people as members and with the growth in international luxury travel, the numbers are increasing. Prestige Connection has formed strategic alliances to deliver extra value and benefits to its members, including world-leading airlines, hotels and resorts, limousines, car rentals, restaurants, luxury retail stores and more.

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