NoorWood Travel is your connection to the extraordinary lifestyle.

With the demands and responsibilities that come along with achieving success in the business world, its no wonder that many of us would relish the chance to alleviate stress in our lives. Fortunately, our club is your official stress reliever. Our exclusive Club is specifically tailored to meet each and every one of the requirements of our members who demand reliability, familiarity, and attention to detail. This commitment to our members is based on the premise that time truly is of the essence to our clients. Once you become a member of Noorwood Travel, you will experience the luxury of connecting with one company to handle all of your personal, travel and business arrangements. You will benefit from having all your information accessible to one of our professional consultants and enjoy personal recognition and respect you deserve as one of our loyal members. Noorwood Travel will work to ensure that each member’s individual requests are fulfilled and expectations exceeded. Allow us to make your days less stressful, your life a bit more pleasurable, and your travel a lot more luxurious.

Hussain Al Alawi, Founder & CEO